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Browse stories by Meredith Katz & Aveline Reynard from across the LGBTQ+ speculative fiction spectrum. From scandalously explicit to fluffy asexual romance, grumpy dragons to cute zombies, retrofuture science-fiction to paranormal urban fantasy, and many other things in between. We hope you find something you love!

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Beauty and Cruelty by Meredith Katz
Genre: Urban fantasy, romance, F/F (side M/M and F/M/F)
Words: 62,000. Sexual content: Some.

The Evil Fairy joins Sleeping Beauty in her (kind of meta) plan to save their people. Fairy tale endings? In THIS economy? Featuring Woke Beauty, polyamorous swans, & people caught in a capital-S Story.
 Upbeat & adventurous. (Rainbow Awards 2016 Winner Best Lesbian Debut; 2nd place Best Lesbian Fantasy Romance.)

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The Cybernetic Tea Shop by Meredith Katz
Genre: Retrofuture sci-fi, romance, asexual homoromantic F/F
Words: 22,000. Sexual content: None.

A mechanic with a bad case of wanderlust meets a homebound robot stuck in the past. In accepting the things they cannot change and finding the courage to change the ones they can, both of them need to understand what it means to ‘move on’.  Tea, AI, and kindness. Soft and warm.

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Empty Vessels by Meredith Katz
Genre: Paranormal, urban fantasy, romance, M/M, polyamorous, eerie
Words: 80,000. 
Sexual content: Some.

A psychic young man knows he has to overcome his anxieties to protect the local monsters from something terrifying lurking in the night. Along the way, he finds romance in unlikely places, between the ghost that keeps him company and the deer-antlered man running the mysterious antique shop. Monster kissing, flirty horned boys, mindscapes, and creepy dolls.

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How Saeter Robbed the Underworld by Meredith Katz
Genre: Fantasy, mythology, romance, M/M, trickster
Words: 20,000. Sexual content: None.

After a hard day, a young man’s fathers tell him a strangely relevant story about messy relationship between two demigods, children of  the gods of Envy and of Love, and how they trick the underworld out of a very special prize. Found family, daring rescues, shape-shifting tricksters, and Norse-inspired mythology.

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Only Human by Meredith Katz
Genre: Paranormal, romance, zombies but not gross, necromancy, M/M
Words: 19,000. Sexual content: High.

When an excitable human nerd gets hit with a necromantic curse, he finds himself getting close to his doctor’s receptionist, a kindly frankensteinian zombie with body issues. It’ll definitely take some communication to make this unusual relationship work. Coffee shop dates, curses, would-be mystery writers, and fans loving fans! Sweet and steamy.

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Smoke Signals by Meredith Katz
Genre: Urban fantasy, romance, M/M, dragon, billionaire
Words: 29,000. Sexual content: High.

A harried CSR for a games distributor gets put in charge of the video game collection of a grumpy and self-centered billionaire who is a literal dragon. At least the dragon is cute… in an apex predator sort of way. Includes soft cats, cooking shows, and knitting! Fun and upbeat.

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The Pandemonium Series

In the world of Pandemonium, the relationship between demons and humans is fraught. Sometimes they live in an uneasy harmony—other times, it’s more contentious. Most of the time, at least someone’s getting laid…

The Cobbler’s Soleless Son (#1) by Meredith Katz
Genre: Fantasy, romance, M/Nonbinary (genderfluid)
Words: 15,000. Sexual content: High.

The cobbler’s son, a young man with no risk assessment and a fondness for demons, goes on a quest to seduce a shapeshifting demon prince. It might not cost his soul but he’s going to have to bet something. An erotic fairy tale romp of a Cinderella story.

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Behind Bars (#2) by Meredith Katz
Genre: Fantasy, romance, M/Nonbinary, enemies-to-lovers
Words: 42,000. Sexual content: Some.

Local innkeeper and widower Pel wants nothing more than to keep his human son safe from demons. But when a stranger comes to town, he might need a demon to help keep his son safe from humans. Hot dads, demon cats, and magic in a fantasy dystopian enemies-to-lovers story.

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Hair to the Throne (#3) by Meredith Katz
Genre: Fantasy, romance, F/F, trans
Words: 28,000. Sexual content: Some.

Two old friends are reunited when they get kidnapped by the same terrible demon prince. But maybe they don’t have to endure captivity—they’re stronger together, and they’ve got some powerful allies, too. Mysterious castles, secret gardens, eyes all over a creature, and girls overcoming odds together.

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