Smoke Signals

smokesignals400Words: 29,000
 M/M, Urban Fantasy
Format: Electronic
Sexual content: Some

Summary: Mike St. George’s average life as tech support for a game distribution company becomes unexpectedly eventful when he’s sent to the home of an aristocratic, self-centered dragon and left in charge of installing and protecting the digital side of the dragon’s hoard of games.

But a job’s a job. And while the blue-blooded Zali’thurg might be egotistical and prideful, Mike’s wrangled worse customers. At least this one’s pretty cute, even if it’s in an apex predator sort of way…

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  • A fluffy kitty cat
  • Cooking show marathons
  • Knitting
  • Video Games
  • More video games…
  • … that feeling like you definitely bought more video games during the most recent sale than you’ll ever get around to playing but the prices were just so good…
  • And dragons, obviously!

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❤ Awards ❤
Rainbow Awards 2018-2019 – 3rd Place – Best Gay Fantasy-Romance
Rainbow Awards 2018-2019 – Runner-Up (Books in the top 25% rate range) – Best Gay Book

“This totally charming and captivating take on St. George and the Dragon stole my heart from the outset. Enchanting!”

“My only complaint about Smoke Signals is that I want more. I want to know more about the world that Katz created where dragons and humans exist together, of which we only got a narrow, tantalizing glimpse with Mike and Zali’thurg’s enchanting tale. Smoke Signals set off a chain reaction of “what ifs” for me, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m seriously considering some fanfiction…”

Reviews for Smoke Signals 

“This was all kinds of adorable! I loved Michael and Zali’thurg, together and apart. They were really well written and well explored characters, with great chemistry that built slowly but was so cute to watch. The writing was perfectly on point to suit my tastes, with the right amount of description, showing/telling, and attention to detail that I never felt out of place. The world building was great, making it clear from the start that this was a contemporary world that just happened to have real dragons in it. […] Overall, it was an excellently written story about geeks, romance and dragons. And, really, what more can you ask for?”
– Elaine White, Author of A Royal Craving

It’s not often that you find videogames, customer service, Black Friday sales and real, actual dragons in the same story, but Smoke Signals certainly ticks all those boxes. There’s also an adorable romance, cultural differences that lead to awkwardness, dragon lore incorporated into modern human culture, communication about boundaries, knitting and cooking shows… Honestly, I adored this story from the beginning to the end. ”
Alexa, Goodreads Reviewer

“If you like stories where two strangers have to work hard to create a common understanding for even the simplest of communications, if you enjoy cross-cultural relationships and all the issues they can entail, and if you’re looking for a read that is entertaining, funny, full of surprises and revelations, and deeply emotional in a very imaginative way, then you will probably like this novella as much as I do. It’s a fabulous interpretation of what might happen when a human falls for a dragon and vice versa. Simply fantastic!”
– Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews