meredith katz

Author, editor, game designer

Meredith Katz (she/they, nonbinary lesbian) lives in Vancouver, Canada with her lovely wife Aveline Reynard and their beautiful nonsense cats. She is the author of several novels and novellas, including The Cybernetic Tea Shop and the Rainbow  Awards “Best Debut Lesbian Book” award winner 2016, Beauty and Cruelty.

Meredith was previously published by Less Than Three Press and has re-released her books independently as Soft Cryptid Books.

She’s worked as a Technical Writer, Lead Game Designer, and Game Writer for over fifteen years, and has an M.A. in English Literature.

She loves tea, monsters, and sweet things that go bump in the night.

Media, freelancing & inquiries:
Meredith is open to TTRPG freelancing opportunities and is available for author interviews, and podcast appearances. For inquiries, please contact: Follow her on Twitter!


Novels & Novellas
If Wishes Were Fishes, 2020
Only Human, 2018 • How Saeter Robbed the Underworld, 2018 • Smoke Signals, 2017 • Empty Vessels, 2017 • Hair to the Throne, 2017 • Behind Bars, 2017 • The Cobbler’s Soleless Son, 2016 • The Cybernetic Tea Shop, 2016 • Beauty and Cruelty, 2015

Short Stories

Bookworm, The No Sleep Podcast s13e21, 2019 •
Escape, Haunted Waters Press, From the Depths 2017 No. 15

Unannounced game guide Spire RPG, Rowan Rook & Decard, Writer, 2023 release

Getting Head: A Dullahan Seduction TTRPG, #HotHorrorJam2019, Creator, 2019

Silver Age Sentinels, Guardians of Order,
Editor, 2002
Ultimate Fan Guides (Serial Experiments Lain, Trigun 1& 2, Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure) Guardians of Order, Editor, 2002

Big Eyes, Small Mouth, 1st (1997) & 2nd (2002) ed, Guardians of Order, Playtester

The Sailor Moon RolePlaying Game & Resource Book, Guardians of Order, Playtester, 1998


Rainbow Awards 2016: 1st Debut Lesbian Book (Beauty and Cruelty)
Rainbow Awards 2016: 2nd Best Lesbian Fantasy Romance (Beauty and Cruelty)

Rainbow Awards 2018-2019: 1st Bisexual Fantasy Romance (How Saeter Robbed the Underworld)

Rainbow Awards 2018-2019: 3rd Best Gay Fantasy Romance (Smoke Signals)

Rainbow Awards 2018-2019: Runner-Up Best Gay Book (Empty Vessels)

Engen Books’ Kit Sora Flash Fiction Contest, May 2019: Runner-Up (Untitled)

Portrait art by spookynest.