Welcome to Soft Cryptid! Here you’ll find books, games, and projects by Meredith Katz and Aveline Reynard, a couple of queer Canadians who like romance, monsters, and TTRPGs ❤️

Meredith (she/they) is best known for their novella The Cybernetic Tea Shop, about a robot and her ace AI technician falling in love. You can spot her editing work in games like Till The Last Gasp by Darrington Press or Shadowrun: Null Value by Catalyst Game Labs. Check out her full catalogue of books, or learn more about her other projects.

Aveline (she/they) is an author, illustrator, and DM, and is the primary editor for many of Meredith’s books. They keep the website and socials up and running and handle all the promo and communications for Soft Cryptid.

Most recently, Meredith is beyond thrilled to be part of the Star Crossed: Love Letters team with Bully Pulpit as Editor! It’s a supplement to Alex Roberts’s game of forbidden love, featuring some truly amazing guest writers and illustrators.