• Release

    Upcoming Release: Happiness In Numbers Anthology (February 5)

    Guess who has a new novella releasing in less than two weeks? If you guessed both of us, then a gold star for you, my friend!

    Both Meredith & Aveline are super stoked to both be featured in Happiness in Numbers, a polyamorous short story anthology focused on family, releasing February 5, 2019 (edited by Nicole Field).

    If Wishes Were Fishes (Meredith Katz) (Read Excerpt)

    Poly, M/M/M, contemporary paranormal romance. A sequel to Empty Vessels, but can be read as a standalone! Featuring an anxious psychic, his ghost boyfriend, and their deer-antlered lover, If Wishes Were Fishes is a story about family and learning when to let go of the past… and also trying to get along with your immortal boyfriend’s grown-ass kid and a son-in-law that’s trapped as a fish.

    Heart and Parcel (Aveline Reynard) (Read Excerpt)

    Poly, F/F, M/F, F/NB, high fantasy. A scatterbrained witch, a put-upon demon crow familiar, a non-binary elf bodyguard with fantastic biceps, and a strong-minded princess. Priorities: figure out this relationship shit, stop keeping so many damn secrets, and save the country from an attempted coup.

    Please consider adding to your Goodreads to-read list or pre-ordering from Less Than Three Press! Additional purchasing options will become available after the release on February 5, 2019.

  • Reviews

    Review: Young Avengers: The Complete Collection vol. 1 by Allan Heinberg & Jim Cheung (2006)

    Rating: ★★★★
    Genre: Graphic Novel, Contemporary, Superheroes
    Categories: M/M, Superheroes
    Content Warnings: Highlight to read: Reference to kidnapping/assault (possible sexual assault) of a minor. Brief scenes of racism and homophobia from background characters toward our heroes. Some sexism of lead characters to other lead characters.
    Buy it at: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

    Description: When the original Avengers disband, a team of teenage heroes comes together to fill the gap. Their first order of business: surviving the wrath of Kang the Conqueror and weathering the disapproval of the adult Avengers! Next, the newly-formed Young Avengers take on super-powered sadist Mr. Hyde, the extraterrestrial Super-Skrull, and a full-scale alien invasion, juggling their parents and their private lives at the same time!

    I’m rereading a bunch of the Young Avengers content, which has won several GLAAD awards for the queer content it introduced. If you want to follow along, I made a Young Avengers reading guide over here to make it easier to understand the order & where to get the comics!

  • Ramblings

    Young Avengers Comics Reading Guide

    I love comics, but if any other industry made itself as hard to find a chronological order of events, it would be a miracle for that industry to survive. 

    I’m doing a reread of the Young Avengers comics (which won the GLAAD award in 2006 and again in 2014), and it’s pretty typically difficult. For example, if you search “Young Avengers 2” on Amazon, you get 8 different results, which are all from different arcs and with no indication of chronology, etc. Yikes.

    So, while I’m rereading and reviewing, I thought I would create a guide to show a. the reading order and b. what each option contains, so you can mix and match based on preference and cost. I also give my opinion on if it’s important to read as part of following what’s up with the Young Avengers team.

  • Reviews

    Review: The Magpie Lord (A Charm of Magpies #1) by KJ Charles (2013)

    Rating: ★★★★★
    Genre: Paranormal, Romance, Mystery
    Categories: M/M, Wizards/Witches, Nobility
    Content Warnings: Highlight to read: Magically-induced attempted suicide, offscreen/pre-novel suicides, reference to previous rapes by now-deceased characters.
    Buy it at: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

    Description: When Lord Crane, Lucien Vaudrey, is being forced through dark magic to attempt to take his own life, he hires a magician to help protect him. The magician, Stephen Day, has good reason to hate Crane’s family, but Stephen is devoted to his duty to protect people from harmful magic. Still, Crane is nothing like his father or brother, and as the case becomes even more complicated and unpleasant than it seemed, the two are drawn closely together.

  • Reviews

    Review: Once Upon a Haunted Moor (Tyack & Frayne Mysteries #1) by Harper Fox (2013)

    Rating: ★★★★
    Genre: Mystery, Paranormal, Romance
    Categories: M/M, Ghosts/Spirits, Psychics
    Content Warnings: N/A
    Buy it at: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

    Description: Gideon Frayne, a policeman in the little town of Dark in Cornwall, has spent nearly two weeks looking for a missing child with no leads and no suspects. When his higher-ups send in a handsome TV psychic, he’s as annoyed by the possibility of a con man playing with the hearts of the victims as he is attracted to the stranger. But Lee Tyack has true sight, and between his psychic visions and Gideon’s knowledge of the town and its inhabitants, maybe they’ll solve the crime—and solve Gideon’s loneliness, as well.

  • Reviews

    Here There Be Gerblins (The Adventure Zone #1) by the McElroy Family & Carey Pietsch (2018)

    Rating: ★★★★
    Genre: High Fantasy, Graphic Novel, Comedy
    Categories: Gay, Wizards, Swords & Sorcery
    Content Warnings: N/A
    Buy it at: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

    Description: Based on the hit podcast “The Adventure Zone”, join the older two McElroy brothers and father as they play D&D characters in a world DM’d by the sweet babiest brother, Griffin. Or rather, join the brave/foolhardy human fighter Magnus Burnsides, the disaffected/cowardly elf wizard Taako, and the jocular/scatterbrained dwarf cleric Merle Highchurch as they take a simple job that soon gets complicated by redacted knowledge and terrible ancient artifacts.