Hair to the Throne

Pandemonium Book 3: Hair to the Throne

Genre: Fantasy, Lesbian, Trans
Format: Electronic
Sexual content: Some

Summary: The city of Flecton is ruled with an iron fist by Demon Prince Vehr, whose human citizens suffer under demonic enslavement and live in fear of her ever-watchful presence. The prince herself is never seen, living in her underground palace and sending demons to kidnap humans to serve her.

Ten years earlier, Merle’s best friend and closest confidante Abeille, a promising silversmith, was taken to Vehr’s palace. Now, Vehr seeks a hairdresser, and Merle’s a perfect fit. Surviving the hairy situation will take more than wits—it’ll take good people to rely on, old friends and new allies.

Pandemonium 1-3 can all be read standalone.

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Reviews for Hair to the Throne 

“Meredith Katz has a real knack for making fantasy worlds seem very realistic and that talent has continued in her latest novel […] Her scenes are so vivid that when a battle scene erupts between 2 characters you can practically see the blood flying off them from the wounds as the melodrama between them turns into a passionate affair.”
–  Tara Sheehan, Goodreads reviewer

“I was expecting a kind of …I don’t know, I guess Beauty and the Beast esque semi-erotica story where the main pairing was the hairdresser and the demon and I was going to put up with the inevitable Stockholm Syndrom-y-ness of it because I love monster ladies. BUT INSTEAD I got a super cute lesbian childhood friends overcoming evil story with a trans woman character and a cool genderfluid demon!”
–  Devann, Goodreads reviewer

“Recommended if you love fast-paced reads with feel good endings and scary good demons.”
–  C. Erani Kole, Goodreads reviewer