Empty Vessels

Empty Vessels (Sixth Sense Investigations #1)

Words: 80,000
Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Gay, Bi, Polyamorous (m/m)
Format: Print & Electronic
Sexual content: Some

Summary: Haunted by the ghost of the man who saved his life at the cost of his own, Keith has developed an awareness beyond what humans can normally sense—a world of spirits, monsters, and fascinating people that can only be described as Others. When he starts to have prophetic dreams about strange creatures hunting down helpless Others, he realizes that there has to be something only he can do.

Accompanied by Lucas, his best friend despite the complex feelings around his death, and the Horned Boy, a beautiful and mysterious Other, Keith knows that he has to confront his feelings and his fears in order to find his place in this new, strange world—and to protect the things that he’s coming to love.

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Rainbow Awards 2018-2019 – Runner-Up (Books in the top 25% rate range) – Best Gay Book

Reviews for Empty Vessels 

“This story has one freaky and haunting plot. This is an amazing ghost story for anyone that doesn’t have a phobia of creepy dolls, but if you do, don’t even think about picking up this book. […] I have to say that I found the story engrossing. The otherworldly worldbuilding was fantastic […]of others. This world is more diverse than the traditional ghost story and the Others, as they are known, add a very unique and mysterious fantasic element. Overall, this is a really solid urban fantasy with a cute romantic side plot that I would recommend to horror lovers.”
– Bretton Coppedge, Goodreads Reviewer

“Oh boy, this was such fun. From the cover alone, I probably would have guessed this wasn’t exactly my kind of thing, but I’ve loved everything by Meredith Katz so far, so I just had to go and pick it up anyway. Fans of this author will definitely not be disappointed! […] Suffice it to say, this book set up a cast of characters I’d love to see in a paranormal investigation series going forward.”
– Nicole Field, Author of The Shock of Survival

“This book creeped the hell out of me. Terrors, ghosts, Others, prophetic dreams, and dolls. A room full of dolls. Just looking at you. This was really a wonderfully creepy ghost story that was hard to put down. There was no gore, just suspense and a big time shudder factor. Read the blurb, then read the book..”
– Eugenia, Goodreads Reviewer