Only Human

Only Human

Words: 20,000
Genre: Gay, Bisexual, M/M, Paranormal
Format: Electronic (& Print Anthology)
Sexual content: Some

Summary: Getting sick sucks, and in Saul’s opinion, magic sucks even more. When he finds out that his sudden bout of sickness is actually a curse, he’s understandably freaked out by being referred to a necromantic specialist.

The ordeal is made moderately better only by the cute receptionist, Theo, who is exactly Saul’s type—aside from the fact that he’s undead.

To Saul’s surprise, Theo is gentle, kind, and shares Saul’s tastes in TV and video games. He knows all the right places for coffee, and enjoys long walks in the park. Maybe getting involved with the undead isn’t so bad after all—and maybe you don’t have to have a heartbeat to win someone’s heart.

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Reviews for Only Human 

“Theo is just the sweetest 7 ft. tall patchwork-bodied gay zombie you will ever meet! I loved that in this universe magic is a real thing – but it’s not quite mainstream, and there are many rules and regulations for practicing it, and a lot of suspicion leveled towards anyone involved with magic or the undead. Nice subtext. […] WOW, the heat index goes from mild to red hot as we get some serious LOVING!”
Kara Race-Moore, Author of “Dove in the Window”

“There’s humor, and the budding relationship described in the story was actually fun to watch.”
Lexxi Kitty, Goodreads Reviewer

“This was definitely one of my favorites […] The idea that we can have a fun zombie story with a bisexual MC is like a dream come true for my dark little cold bi heart.”
Jenna, RezGirlReads Review Blog & Goodreads Reviewer