If Wishes Were Fishes

If Wishes Were Fishes (Sixth Sense Investigations #2)

If Wishes Were FishesWords: 28,000
Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Gay, Bi, Polyamorous (m/m)
Format: Electronic
Sexual content: Some

Summary: After dealing with unruly Terrors and haunted dolls while trying to graduate from university, Keith just wants a break. His psychic abilities have got him in as much trouble as they’ve gotten him out of, though they also helped let him protect his two boyfriends — Lucas, a ghost, and Hiraeth, a deer-antlered cryptid — so he can’t complain that much.

When Hiraeth’s son appears looking for help to remove a curse that’s been placed on his lover, Keith is pretty sure his anxiety over his powers is nothing compared to how he feels about trying to get along with his boyfriend’s family.

A standalone sequel. Reading Empty Vessels is encouraged, but not required.

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A M/M polyamorous contemporary paranormal romance. Featuring an anxious psychic, his ghost boyfriend, and their deer-antlered lover. A story about family, communication, and learning to let go of the past… and about trying to get along with your immortal boyfriend’s persnickety grown-ass kid whose lover has gotten himself trapped in the form of a fish.