The Cobbler’s Soleless Son

Pandemonium Book 1: The Cobbler’s Soleless Son

Words: 15,000
Genre: Bisexual, Fantasy, Pansexual, Genderqueer
Format: Electronic
Sexual content: High

Summary: Everyone expects Renart Walker to follow in his mother’s footsteps and become the cobbler for their little demon-ruled town. But Renart isn’t interested in a quiet life. His interests are a little more ambitious: he’s aiming to catch himself a demon prince.

As a human, he’d never be allowed to even get close to Prince Hrahez. The only solution is to make a bargain with a demon, which doesn’t historically end well. Renart has a plan… that involves tricking a demon. And if it doesn’t work, nobody in town will want to be in his shoes.

Pandemonium 1-3 can all be read standalone.

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Also Available in print as part of Barred Souls: Pandemonium I and II, the Omnibus!

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Reviews for The Cobbler’s Soleless Son 

“Demons or not, this is a very sweet romance.”
Wart Hill, Goodreads reviewer

“Hrahez è potente e spaventoso ma… È impossibile non innamorarsi di Renart e della sua sfrontatezza ed è impossibile non fare il tifo per lui.” (“Hrahez is powerful and scary but … It is impossible not to fall in love with Renart and his cockiness and it is impossible not to root for him.”)
Anita Bianchi, Goodreads reviewer

“This was my first book by Meredith Katz, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  […] This short story is everything you want from an original fairy tale. It honestly isn’t like any of the already existing fairy tales out there except for the formula it follows. The presence of demons makes this story original and memorable.”
Nicole Field, Author of The Last American Hero