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    Cover Reveal: Empty Vessels

    We are extremely excited to reveal the new cover for Empty Vessels! Originally released by Less Than Three Press, we’re working to re-release Meredith’s backlist independently, and since Empty Vessels is the first book in the Sixth Sense Investigations series (with the first sequel being released in late 2019!) we wanted a new look for it that we could carry over through additional books in the series.

    Please check out the Artstation of the fantastic RubyDianArts who made this cover absolutely come to life. You’re the best, Dian ♥

    Empty Vessels will be available for purchase again both in ebook and print within the next few weeks! I for one am beyond excited to hold this gorgeous book in my hands and stare soulfully at the Horned Boy’s beautiful, beautiful face.

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    A queer paranormal romance by Meredith Katz

    Words: 80,000
    Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Gay, Bi, Polyamorous (m/m/m)
    Learn more | Read an excerpt

    Haunted by the ghost of the man who saved his life at the cost of his own, Keith has developed an awareness beyond what humans can normally sense—a world of spirits, monsters, and fascinating people that can only be described as Others. When he starts to have prophetic dreams about strange creatures hunting down helpless Others, he realizes that there has to be something only he can do.

    Accompanied by Lucas, his best friend despite the complex feelings around his death, and the Horned Boy, a beautiful and mysterious Other, Keith knows that he has to confront his feelings and his fears in order to find his place in this new, strange world—and to protect the things that he’s coming to love.


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    Re-Releases So Far

    Re-Releases So Far

    We’ve been hard at work getting our stories up again and available for purchase! So far, we have re-released:

    • The Cybernetic Tea Shop by Meredith Katz: A F/F retro-future sci-fi asexual romance. A story about artificial intelligence, love, kindness, and learning to move on.
    • How Saeter Robbed the Underworld by Meredith Katz: A M/M fantasy romance with bisexual protagonists featuring found family, shape-shifting tricksters, and Norse-inspired mythology.
    • Smoke Signals by Meredith Katz: A M/M urban fantasy romance. A CS rep helps a sexy billionaire shapeshifting dragon with his video game hoard. Geeky & cute, featuring kittens, knitting, and learning to navigate boundaries.

    The rest of our previously-released titles will be coming shortly, so remember to check back. In the meantime, you can learn more about them at our Books page. We’ve also got some new works in progress that we may be able to release before the end of the year!

    If you use Twitter, it’d be a big help if you could share this thread to help get the news out. And if you’ve read any of these books, a few words or a review on Amazon would mean a lot as we find our footing again. It would also hugely help if you would join our newsletter (see the sidebar) so you can receive news as it comes out!

    Thanks to everyone for all your support so far! We hope to have more good news for you soon.

    ♥ Meredith & Aveline

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    Farewell, LT3

    We recently got some sad news that Less Than Three Press, the publisher that Meredith has been with for over four years (and Aveline more recently) is closing their doors. We’re amazingly grateful to the LT3 staff for all their hard work and kindness, and will definitely miss what they brought to the queer romance community.

    As for us… while this is a huge hit, we’ll be working as quickly as possible to swap over to a self-publishing model for Meredith’s (fairly considerable) backlog of novels and novellas. Both of us will be doing edits and rewrites on stories that were previously in LT3 anthologies and re-releasing those as standalone novellas in the near future. We also have some brand new stories that are drafted up and will soon be ready to go, with at least a few releases possible by the end of 2019.

    We’ll need your help! Building up a way to reach readers after losing a central hub like one’s publisher is not easy. We put together a quick list of how you can support us and would be forever grateful if you took a look, followed us on social media, and signed up for our newsletter so we can send updates when new books come out and old ones are re-released.

    We really just want to make sure we can continue getting our words out there. If you’re a fellow LT3 author, feel free to reach out to us if there’s anything we can do in the way of signal boosting. Meredith also put together a list of all LT3 authors and their sites/social media information, so please share the love around.

    Thanks so much for your support! You’ll still be able to purchase LT3 books for a short time, so if there is something you’ve been eyeing, our book list is here.

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    Only Human releases Oct 16!

    Only Human
    $2.99$2.54 (Preorder for 15% off)
    Urban Fantasy/Paranormal
    M/M (gay/bisexual)

    Only Human releases October 16, just in time for a Halloween read! It’s a funny, offbeat M/M story about a young man who finds himself suffering under a necromantic curse… a plight made way better by getting to know his doctor’s super hot (but super dead) receptionist. This is a warm read, featuring both nerds flirting and the living dead. First released in the Less than Dead anthology, I’m super happy that I get to share it with you all as a standalone release!

    Only Human contains:

    • Coffee shop dates
    • Navigating past the imminent pressure of a necromantic curse to approach a relationship in a healthy manner anyway
    • A big buff zombie nerd
    • Proper communication skills and owning up to one’s mistakes
    • And a steamy sex scene!

    Preorder now for 15% off!


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    New! Available for Pre-Order: How Saeter Robbed the Underworld

    I’m super excited to announce that my latest novella, How Saeter Robbed the Underworld, is now available for pre-order with Less Than Three Press! A mythological romance between a trickster demi-god and the son of the God of Love—what complications could there possibly be?

    Enter the giveaway on Twitter
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    Get a 15% 40% discount when you pre-order!
    (Regular preorder sale + publisher anniversary sale = big savings!)

    The day before his coming-of-age ceremony, Eirik has a fight with his best friend—who had pointed out that, adopted by a pair of traveling warriors as Eirik was, how can he know who his ancestors are to celebrate them? Embarrassed and angry, he’s not in the mood for the story his fathers insist on telling him.

    Despite himself, however, Eirik becomes engrossed in the tale of the son of the god of Love who has never felt pain, and the son of the god of Envy who always does, how they struggle with each other and their community, and how, ultimately, they trick the underworld out of a very special prize.

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