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Cover Reveal: Empty Vessels

We are extremely excited to reveal the new cover for Empty Vessels! Originally released by Less Than Three Press, we’re working to re-release Meredith’s backlist independently, and since Empty Vessels is the first book in the Sixth Sense Investigations series (with the first sequel being released in late 2019!) we wanted a new look for it that we could carry over through additional books in the series.

Please check out the Artstation of the fantastic RubyDianArts who made this cover absolutely come to life. You’re the best, Dian ♥

Empty Vessels will be available for purchase again both in ebook and print within the next few weeks! I for one am beyond excited to hold this gorgeous book in my hands and stare soulfully at the Horned Boy’s beautiful, beautiful face.

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A queer paranormal romance by Meredith Katz

Words: 80,000
Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Gay, Bi, Polyamorous (m/m/m)
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Haunted by the ghost of the man who saved his life at the cost of his own, Keith has developed an awareness beyond what humans can normally sense—a world of spirits, monsters, and fascinating people that can only be described as Others. When he starts to have prophetic dreams about strange creatures hunting down helpless Others, he realizes that there has to be something only he can do.

Accompanied by Lucas, his best friend despite the complex feelings around his death, and the Horned Boy, a beautiful and mysterious Other, Keith knows that he has to confront his feelings and his fears in order to find his place in this new, strange world—and to protect the things that he’s coming to love.


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