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Small update

Another busy couple of weeks! Not too much new, but we’ve rereleased another two of Meredith’s backlog:

  • The Cobbler’s Soleless Son (Pandemonium #1) by Meredith Katz: M/NB. A queer and sexy fairytale(?) The cobbler’s son, a young man with no risk assessment ability and a fondness for demons, goes on a quest to seduce a shapeshifting demon prince.
  • Behind Bars (Pandemonium #2) by Meredith Katz: Queer fantasy dystopian M/NB enemies-to-lovers. Bisexual & non-binary. After the loss of his wife, Pel would do anything to protect his son from demons… but now he might have to get involved with one.

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♥ Meredith & Aveline

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