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Interactive Fiction 2022

Hello, friends! It’s almost time for our yearly Choose Your Own Adventure! It feels like we just finished last year’s … (eyes the blog’s the lack of updates. It’s been one heck of a year, folks.)

Anyway! Every October, I do a section of a story here on the Soft Cryptid Blog, and you the reader can comment to add suggestions for the protagonist, which helps determine the direction of the story. The rules post will go up tomorrow right here, and we’ll start Oct 1.

This year, we’re following a professor at a high fantasy university, investigating arcane mysteries and dealing with an academic rival. Fortunately, he has the advice of his exceedingly mysterious husband to help guide him (do not even WORRY about what is up with his husband it is TOTALLY fine! 🙂 ). Plus, they have an open relationship, so if you want to pursue the rival or whatever, that choice is certainly one you can make.

Interested? Stop by every day in October right here. You can also receive a notification whenever the blog is updated by entering your email into “Get Email Updates” in the footer, so you don’t miss a post!

Want to prepare by reading any of the interactive stories we did previous years? You can find them all right over here: https://www.softcryptid.com/interactive-fiction/.


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