Halloween 2017 IF,  Interactive Fiction

Halloween I.F – “Uncanny Valley” Day 29

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Tam took a moment to just lean on Lithway, taking a few deep breaths until the world became something reasonable again.

I can do this, he told himself.

Lithway was waiting, patient; Tam had feared briefly that they might be annoyed with his uncertainty, but they didn’t seem to be. But then, they hosted amateur performers at the Theatre of Dreams all the time. They must be very used to stage fright.

“Right,” Tam said firmly, more to convince himself of his own confidence than anything else. “Can you transform into someone with… authority? Someone she’s likely to pay attention to. And can you play that role if she comes and answers the door?”

“I certainly can,” Lithway said. “I made it a point in my younger years to become experienced with the head of the Council of Twilight—a witches’ organization,” they clarified, at Tam’s blank look. “Whether or not Istem’s officially a member, I think Auriano’s got reason to talk to her, given the bad reputation she’s giving witches, and Istem will not want that pressure brought to bear. If we’re lucky, she might even still believe it’s real later.”

“Great,” Tam said. He thought of the squishy cinnamon rolls in his bag. “Can you eat at all? I’ve got an anti-ward spell, but it’s food.”

Lithway shrugged. “Once transformed, I can eat the same as anyone. Otherwise, it’s a little different.”

“I’ll save it for just a minute, then,” Tam said. “I think we can use your skills over here first.”

Tam headed around the side of the building, trying to keep out of sight of any external windows. As Sahil’s intel had indicated, there was a ground-floor window there. It was latched shut from the inside, to keep the frame from sliding.

“Before, when you entered your room, you just sort of…dissolved into the lock to open it,” Tam murmured softly. “Can you do that here?”

“Certainly.” Lithway did so, obliging. “If she doesn’t come to the front door, shall I come back around and join you?”

“Please do,” Tam said. He ducked down, searching in the bushes until he saw a patch of light fur. “Okay, both of you, if we end up having to run, let’s meet up at…” He considered, then named a spot about three blocks from Rainier’s hideaway. It would be far enough away to be safe while they debriefed, without causing problems by having Sahil there, but close enough for him to take Ash to Rainier’s right after.

At least, he hoped so.

The patch of fur bobbed, and Lithway too nodded, so Tam rose with an exhalation and the two of them headed back to the front—then around the other side so Lithway could transform without being seen by Sahil or any passersby.

Once again, Lithway’s smoke bled into color and insubstantiality into the firmness of flesh, shuddering as the new form settled around them. The person they changed into appeared to be a rather neurotic older man in a loose-fitting suit covered in stars and jewels.

Tam raised his brows. “Ostentatious.”

“Quite,” Lithway said, in a gravelly, severe tone. They adjusted their bow-tie. “Well. Shall we begin?”

Tam leaned up and stole a kiss—feeling a little strange about doing so while Lithway was in this form, but wanting the comfort—then handed them a cinnamon roll.

Both of them ate rather quickly, without a chance to savor it. Tam could tell it was delicious, but couldn’t enjoy it anyway, not with his nerves. It sat heavily in his stomach.

“All right,” Tam said. “Let’s do this.”

He went back around to the other side of the house, where Lithway had unlatched the window for him earlier. He waited until he heard the doorbell, then waited longer, stomach tight, vibrating with tension.

“Ah. Miss Istem,” Lithway said in that gravelly voice. Tam could just barely hear it from around the corner. “There you are.”

That meant it was go time.

Tam pulled the bathroom window open as carefully as he could, sliding his body through and lowering himself to stand on the closed toilet seat. He could hear distant voices from here, though not the words being said, and he carefully sneaked out the open bathroom door to move away from where the voices were.

The first door he opened was an empty master bedroom, nothing in it but a fish tank, a bed, and a small, apparently portable altar. He refused to lose heart, moving on at once to a room at the end of the hall and opening that door too.

Ashton Lynes looked up from his laptop, alarmed—but his expression transformed a moment later to delight. “Tam…!” He looked exhausted, like he hadn’t slept for days, had barely ate, was completely wrung out.

Tam shushed him at once, straining his ears; he could still just barely hear the voices from the front hall. “C’mon,” Tam whispered. “I’m going to get you out of here.”

“I wasn’t sure you could,” Ash murmured back. His eyes flicked rapidly between his laptop and Tam, almost worried. “Just give me a second—”

“We don’t have time!” Tam managed to keep his voice down despite the urgency. He scurried over. “I’ve got a place for us to hide out while she loses interest. The bathroom door’s unlocked, you need to eat this cinnamon bun, hurry…”

“Just a second,” Ash insisted, though he took the bun and started cramming it in his mouth, not asking questions. Either he was too distracted by what he was doing, or he trusted Tam to know what he was about. “I’m about to—shit, shit, shit! The laptop battery’s going to go before it’s done—”

Tam took another look over his setup, and saw that Ash’s laptop was connected via USB to some sort of enormous crystal. It looked a lot like one of those new-agey Himalayan salt lamps. “Just take it with you!”

“I can’t,” Ash said, “obviously!”

There was no way it was obvious, but all Tam could assume is that Ash knew something about its magical properties that Tam himself didn’t. “We don’t have time,” Tam said. “C’mon, or this is all for nothing!” He began to head over to the bed.

Ash hissed a breath out through his teeth. “C’mon, just one more minute,” he said. “If this finishes before my computer dies, she’s fucked, Tam! It’ll be perfect!”

He heard a high pitched bark outside. Sahil. “Shit,” Tam said. “We don’t have time, Ash! She’s coming back!”

Tam grabbed onto Ash’s arm, fingers finding those moles, perfectly spaced for his fingertips. A jolt ran through him, and he froze, not understanding what he was feeling, or why.

And Bella Istem appeared in the bedroom doorway. She’d run back in a hurry, and her hair was flying out of its bun. She looked—

Normal. That was the weird part, Tam thought as he froze in shock. He wouldn’t have looked at her twice on the street, in a grocery store, anywhere. She was in her mid-sixties, wearing high-waisted jeans and a button-down shirt, with her hair gray streaked with brown. She was scowling at them, but it seemed out of place on a rosy pink face full of laugh lines.

“What are you doing here?” She began scolding at once, hands on her hips. “Hey, leave him alone, he wants to stay, all right?”

A con artist’s face, he reminded himself. He drew himself up. “Bella Istem, he’s not yours! You withdrew your protection on my family and kept my brother anyway! The contract is invalid!”

Something… reacted. The contract, he assumed; he felt it snap, and felt her react to it, her scowl deepening, eyes widening. She tensed, and Ash knew from his brief training with Antoine that she’d decided to attack.

Behind her, he saw a shadow approaching, shorter than before: presumably Lithway, neither in their own form, nor in the one they’d been wearing at the front door. Tam couldn’t make out the details, not with the dim hallway lighting and Istem between them, but it was somehow a very familiar silhouette.

He spared half a second to glance at Ash. Ash still wasn’t moving; Tam saw he’d darkened his screen to try to squeeze out the last bit of power, but the battery icon was showing empty regardless, about to shut down.

He could make Ash move when it did—but would that be too late?

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  • tanoshiso

    If someone is going to stop her from attacking, look for the nearest outlet. You have a second to plug the laptop in with the charger you took from Ash’s room back when you first found out he’d disappeared, remember? You DID take it with you today, didn’t you? Assuming you did, you’d have to take a chance on Lithway (and probably Sahil) to cover you/distract her while you’re helping Ash. If whatever he’s doing is almost finished, it won’t take much time away from your escape. But it will be a risk. If it’s not done in ten seconds or less, you’ll have to think of something else.

  • Vikarmic

    This is it; all or nothing. And it looks like Ash hasn’t been idle, just like you’d expect. Trust that your brother’s on to something good, and don’t let him down; be ready to tank for him if you have to (though, you know, be smart about it; if she’s throwing dust or rocks, grab something cloth — a blanket? is there a bed in reach? — to block, and try to bounce it back at her.

    If all else fails…well, you’ve got the Gate in your head, calling you. Call on it, and hope you can do something untrained.

    Once Ash’s done with whatever he’s doing, it’s time to get him the hell out of there, along with Lithway and Sahil. Shake her off if you can — you’re two teenagers, a dog and a living shadow, and she’s an old woman. She doesn’t sound like the type to have spells on hand that’ll let her keep up, especially not in a crowd. At least, hopefully not. And if she starts throwing battle spells around in broad daylight, hopefully someone will intervene — maybe even the Twilight Council Lithway mentioned.

    Once you get Ash onto Rainier’s territory, you’re home free. With the history between them, Istem’s probably not going to press the issue; she’ll move on to other prey, if she doesn’t tick off enough bystanders to have to pack up and leave. That’s not ideal, and it’d be nice if you could do something about that eventually, but for now, it’ll do.

    After that? Relax with your brother and/or Sahil; get Ash’s side of the story, since he obviously found something to do to work against Istem in captivity. Use those tickets and see Lithway’s show. Play games with Rainier and donate blood. Dogsit for new weredogs. And really, seriously think about finding a reputable witch who’ll apprentice you and your brother (assuming Ash is interested), or at least give you an assessment; Antoine probably has some suggestions. Maybe you really could work against stuff like this.

    You’ve made a lot of contacts and friends in the last three days; make sure you keep up with them in the days to come, even without a pressing need. They’re all good people and worth knowing.

    (And seriously, man, Sahil’s crush on you is visible from lunar orbit. Give that some serious consideration, too. I’m just saying.)

  • jsorcerer

    All of the above are great suggestions. Don´t forget your brother can act too. If he is just waiting for something to be copied, just shove the charger in his hand, or tell him that you have it. Try to stall her. When you grab something to deflect whatever she throws at you, shove in her face that she got the wrong child. You have magic in your blood! Try to tune to the vibrations in the air. Maybe just focus on a simple short term protection. A small wall between you and her. She will not expect anything to happen, so if it does, well there you go, and if it doesn´t, then you are where you were before. You have a plan, now stick to it. As much as I love Sahil, are you sure he likes you? Do you know each other enough for that to be possible, you don´t want to end up being the “next best thing after your brother” after all. But other than that, #Tahil 😀

  • dranachronisms

    SHOVE CHARGER AT ASH (he’ll know where the outlet is in the room better than you do) and try to shield him and the laptop from Istem while Lithway gets there. Trust your allies, and trust your decisions, and trust what your brother’s been up to to rescue himself, too.

    (But still, be prepared to run like hell — even if his program or whatever it is succeeds and fucks her up, you don’t know what the side effects are going to be.)

    Afterwards please date everyone —

    I mean. Well. Maybe not dating, but definitely keep in touch with these people/groups you’ve met; not all of them are the traditional definition of good, but damn if they aren’t worth getting to know better. Agreed with the above about checking out your witch blood, and Antoine probably being a good starting point. You…may also want to consider your options for a new place to live, depending how you feel about your parents after all this business, but at least warn your parents about the protection from Istem being null and void before you ollie out.

    If Istem gets put out of the picture in the next ten seconds: you also probably want to see what you can do about the other people she took who are still under her thrall. Maybe legalities can actually take care of some of the business of freeing them; I doubt your contract is the only one she broke recently, after all.

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