To The Victor & Empty Vessels Giveaways

Hey guys! My fantastic publisher of LGBTQIA+ romance, Less Than Three Press, is doing a Goodreads giveaway for their upcoming November Releases — and I’ve got two things in there! If you want a chance to win ebook versions of the anthology To The Victor or my novel Empty Vessels, read on!

How to enter:

1. Get a Goodreads account or, if you already have one, log in
2. Join the Less Than Three group by going to this page and clicking ‘join group’ right under the main icon.
3. Go to either of the two links below and comment to the page for one entry!
4. Go to the book itself linked in the entry and shelve it (click the Want To Read button) for a second entry.

To The Victor – Goodreads Giveaway

tothevictor400 (1)

To The Victor is an anthology of queer knights facing down terrifying tournaments and perilous quests in the name of love. Learn more about it here!

My story, Debating the Dragon, is about a lady knight who goes on a quest to rescue an immortal princess from a tower, but ends up having to match wits with a dragon–a very flirty lady dragon–to do so.

Enter the Giveaway here!


Empty Vessels – Goodreads Giveaway


Empty Vessels is a m/m paranormal romance. Save some Halloween candy for this one.

Keith, a young man with psychic powers he never wanted, is haunted by the ghost of a man who died to save him and sees monsters hidden among human beings. But now the monsters need help, and it’s up to Keith to save them.

Enter the Giveaway here!

(On a side note, Empty Vessels honestly is my favorite bit of writing I’ve ever done. I’m extremely excited to share it with you all!)


If you like these, consider checking out Less Than Three press’s other November giveaways too (can I recommend Hold Fast The Knight, by my good friend Lotus Oakes?).

And as always, you can learn more about my books right here!

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