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Release: Hair to the Throne


I’m super happy to announce that Hair to the Throne has released! It’s Pandemonium book 3, following The Cobbler’s Soleless Son and Behind Bars. This one stars a young woman who, after twenty-five years of life in a tyrannically-ruled demonic city, gets spirited away to the Prince’s castle, where she encounters an old friend. And suddenly, it’s not one person against the world any more.

Where to purchase:
Less Than Three Press ❤ Amazon ❤ Barnes & Noble ❤  Bookstrand ❤ Smashwords ❤ Kobo ❤ iTunes. For sites with non-US versions (Amazon, Kobo, iTunes) it should also be available on your local version.

If you enjoy it, it would be wonderful if you could leave a nice rating and/or review on Goodreads! It really does make a huge difference in helping other readers find it.

Thanks for reading!

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