Beauty and Cruelty 6 month anniversary Giveaway!


Cruelty, once an evil fairy and now working in fast food, comes home one day to find the lazy, drooling King of Cats on her doorstep. Worse, he comes bearing news Cruelty would be happier not hearing: Sleeping Beauty has gotten tired of lying around and is trying to save the world Cruelty left long ago.

Any respectable Archetype knows it’s a waste of time; their chances of survival are much better if they can hide in the human world. But since nobody sent her an invitation to the world-saving, she’s practically obligated to interfere.

It turns out that the six month birthday of my first book, Beauty and Cruelty, falls in the same month as my (not six month) birthday, and what better present for either of us* than knowing that it’s being read?

* That’s kind of a major theme of the book actually, fairy tale characters wanting to know their story is being read.

So I’m hosting a giveaway! I will be offering:

  • One signed print copy of the book
  • Two ebook copies of the book

Why might you want to read it? Well, the novel includes:

  • A main f/f ship, along with some side m/m and poly romances.
  • A fat orange cat who just wants to be petted. Pls pet. Y u not pet?
  • A Sleeping Beauty who is ready to fight the world
  • An evil fairy who is maybe ready to stop always fighting Sleeping Beauty??
  • A world in peril, a princess to the rescue, & some dumb swans having personal problems
  • Actually, technically there are two fat orange cats.

Use the link below to enter the contest!

Beauty and Cruelty Giveaway!

I’m a new author and don’t have many followers, so if you like what you see, I’d really appreciate it if you would follow me on twitter and tumblr, retweet the link and reblog the tumblr post even if you’re not looking to win a copy—you won’t be entered unless you also fill out the details on the linked widget.

Beauty and Cruelty can also be purchased at its publisher, lessthanthreepress, in print or ebook, and at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and most other major online retailers.

Please also consider checking out my recent release, The Cybernetic Tea Shop, about an asexual homoromantic mechanic meeting a cute robot girl, or my upcoming story, The Cobbler’s Soleless Son, about a young man who sets out to romance a demon prince (save 15% if you preorder!).



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