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New Website

Website get!! So many thanks to my lovely fiancee for all her hard work pulling this together, and to RubyD for the header image.

I’m also excited to announce the upcoming release of a new story, The Cobbler’s Soleless Son! Do you like demons with plans afoot, people carelessly falling head over heels, and daring feats? Then you’re sure to get a kick out of walking a mile in Renart’s shoes! Don’t worry too much about having to foot the bill—order before the release date of August 23 to get a toe-tally great 15% off!

(I solemnly swear that puns are actually minimal in the story itself.)

There’s more excitement coming in a few days, so you can track my updates with the “follow” button at the bottom of the page, or by following me on twitter or tumblr!

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