Uncanny Valley Day 20 -18+ scene

Tam let Lithway lead him through the winding bookshelves, looking at the grand four poster bed as they approached it. It seemed almost unreal, a like a prop, a prince’s stage bed. Something that belonged to a different life than the one he led.

“You’re hesitating?” Lithway murmured, one hand releasing his, but only to slide an arm around his waist.

“Not about this,” Tam said. “Your bed looks really…rich?”

“Well, I’d love to give you a closer look at it,” Lithway said, lifted him by the waist, and tossed him onto it.

Tam let out an oof when he hit the mattress, but it was more out of surprise than pain; the mattress was soft, and he sank into it, rolling over to look up at Lithway. They’d done that shadow movement thing again and were over him, crouched and smiling down beatifically, the outlines of their body unraveling.

The monster’s monster, Tam reminded himself.

He had to admit the idea kind of had an appeal.

“Anything I should avoid doing?” Lithway murmured, running a dissolving finger down the front of Tam’s t-shirt until they found its hem, then lifting.

Tam waited until the shirt was off over his head before answering. His breath was coming almost helplessly fast. “Uh, masochism? I’m good for pretty much anything else.” And admittedly he wasn’t sure about masochism, but it didn’t seem like the sort of experiment to do on a first encounter with someone.

Lithway’s hands stroked Tam’s cheeks. “I hope you don’t mind if I take the lead,” they murmured in that same strange, soft voice. “I want to experience you to the fullest.”

“No, that’s fine,” Tam said breathlessly. Although Lithway was cupping his cheeks, he could feel another pair of… hands? Something else? Undoing his belt. “You’re the lead role, after all.”

That seemed to delight them. “I am, aren’t I?” Lithway said, as they got Tam’s pants open and dragged them and his underwear down over his knees in what seemed like an impossible movement. “So glad we’re working from the same script here.”

A little shyly—unsure of what he’d feel, or how to work with a body that only even resembled Tam’s own when Lithway wanted it to—Tam wrapped his arms around Lithway, sliding hands down and through those dissolving sides. It felt more like stroking hair than skin, though that wasn’t quite right either—more like silk scarves sliding through his fingers, dense enough to still touch but not solid the way he’d expect it to be.

Lithway let out a visible shiver, murmuring something soft and pleased that Tam couldn’t make out, and kissed Tam again.

For a moment, it was the same sort of kiss as before, the wettish warmth and softness on his mouth, the smoke filling his mouth, exploring it with a mind of its own.

It’s a kiss, Tam reminded himself, and kissed back, moving his mouth against Lithway’s, suckling at the smoke deliberately, stretching his tongue to taste it.

Lithway moved into it with sudden eagerness. Dozens of hands—no, not hands, tendrils? Something that could be hands if they had more form than they did—were touching Tam all over, chest, thighs, inner arms, ass, throat. Everywhere. Light teasing touches, firm pinches, long deliberate strokes.

Arousal hit him with brutal efficiency, and he twisted and turned into the touches, whimpering as he reached to meet them. Already aching, when Lithway brushed his cock, he groaned—or would have, but drawing breath for it drew Lithway into his lungs as well.

Let me touch you all over, sweet boy. Inside and out. It should have been discomfiting to hear words from inside him, but he didn’t have the mind to be disturbed by it, not as warm, heavy silk-like smoke wrapped around his cock and dragged along it, not as additional tendrils slid up his thighs to slide into him, first an insubstantial wisp, then, slowly, more.

Tam succeeded in groaning this time, smoke billowing over his face, and he wrapped his arms and legs around the dissolving form over him, sliding fingers into Lithway, through Lithway. Don’t be afraid, they murmured from inside his throat, a soft vibration there. It’s a performance! I won’t hurt you.

“I’m not afraid,” Tam managed to gasp, only seeing smoke now, hearing his voice come out thick and rough. Pleasure was already shaking through him in waves as Lithway moved on him and in him at once, as Lithway filled not just his mouth but his body itself “It’s good…!” He tried to keep touching, but was losing track of what he was touching, what he was feeling.

Lithway chuckled inside him, soft and pleased. That’s good. Then let go and let me experience what you’re feeling, they said.

Tam would have answered, but Lithway found some nerves and stroked those too.

He gave up on thinking at all, arching and moving and letting Lithway create impossible pleasures on the stage of his body, allowing himself to be caught up in the performance.

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