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    Halloween Reads

    It’s almost Halloween! Got your costumes ready? Parties planned? Spooky Halloween reading all lined up?

    Well, I can maybe help with the last one (and also the first two, if you wanna bounce ideas off me!). If you’ve come to my site looking for spooky reads, you know that I love a good monster romance. But let me highlight two specific stories for you! EDIT: And with my publisher’s Halloween Sale on until Oct 31, both are currently on sale for 20% off if you buy through their site!

    A young man that sees monsters, the ghost that keeps him company, and the weird and haunted world of Others that he wants to protect. Possessed dolls, faceless ghosts, bone girls and horned boys, and things that go bump in the night.
    Gay/Bisexual/Polyamorous (M/M/M)
    Length: 80,000 words (354 pgs)
    Urban Fantasy/Paranormal


    • ghost boys
    • young adults developing a better relationship with their psychic powers
    • cryptid-like flirty deer spirits
    • nifty antiques
    • bad bus etiquette
    • monster romance
    • navigable mindscapes
    • spooky dolls

    What makes this a good Halloween read? Without being outright horror, it’s got a good number of creepy moments to give you chills, and still has that promised happy ending. It’s got a number of ghosts, ghouls, cryptids, and other Halloweeny spooks (at least two of which get a good romance going, because what good is a monster story without kissing the monster?), and it’s set in the autumn, with all the ambiance of the fallen leaves, chill air, and early night. It’s also my favorite thing that I’ve ever written, if that helps sweeten the pot!

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    Nerdy boy gets a necromantic curse, and meets his specialist’s super hot, super buff, and super dead receptionist.
    Gay/Bisexual (M/M)
    Length: 20,000 words (~60 pgs)
    Urban Fantasy/Paranormal


    • zombies, but like, as part of society
    • coffee dates
    • that anxious feeling when you go on WebMD
    • video games
    • healthy communication habits
    • really he’s more of a Frankenstein
    • …and an amateur murder mystery author
    • people learning to do better by each other

    What makes this a good Halloween read? There’s no horror in this one–it’s a sweet and spicy story rather than a spooky one–but with zombies part of society, there’s plenty of the living dead and the traditional fears around mortality that come with it. This one released on Oct 16, so it’s ready just in time for Halloween! Originally part of the Less than Dead anthology, this is its first time appearing as a standalone.

    Edit: Now available!

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    Read these already? Looking for something else? Check out My Books page to see if anything strikes your fancy. And Happy Halloween!