Happiness in Numbers

Meredith & Aveline are super stoked to both be featured in a polyamorous short story anthology focused on family, released February 5, 2019 (edited by Nicole Field).

If Wishes Were Fishes (Meredith Katz)

Word Count: 20,000
Sexual Content: None.
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal; M/M/M, Gay, Bisexual, Polyamory

Summary: After fighting off evil spirits, unwilling psychic Keith would love to take his time and enjoy dating Lucas, the ghost attached to him, and Hiraeth, the deer-like Other he met not long after being dragged into the world of the paranormal. But when Hiraeth’s son shows up asking for help with a curse, Keith’s got a lot more to deal with than just finding time for a date!

About: This is a sequel to Empty Vessels, but can be read as a standalone! Featuring an anxious guy that can see ghosts, his ghost boyfriend, their mutual dear (and deer-antlered) lover, and a very fancy fish. Set in a contemporary world where magic and mysterious Others co-exist with the mundane human world, Empty Vessels and its sequel novella focus on love and bonds in the face of the eerie, unsettling and monstrous in the world.

Heart and Parcel (Aveline Reynard)

Word Count: 18,000
Sexual Content: None.
Genre: Fantasy; F/F, M/F, F/NB, Lesbian, Bisexual, Nonbinary, Polyamory

Summary: Lucie is used to hiding the fact she’s a witch, but she wasn’t expecting to find out her girlfriend is also keeping a secret—that she’s the crown princess. Invited to meet Suri’s parents, Lucie instead finds herself helping Suri’s bodyguard-slash-lover in unravelling an attempted political coup that threatens more than meet-the-parents night.

About: A scatterbrained witch, a put-upon demon crow familiar, a non-binary elf bodyguard with fantastic biceps, and an strong-minded princess balance their growing interconnected relationships and unfolding secrets—all while trying to save their country from a plot to take the throne.

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