Holiday sale!

My publisher Less Than Three Press is having a holiday sale through the month of December, with 20% off all books (print or e-book), along with a raffle to win fantastic prizes and additional $0.99 sales throughout the month! LT3 does entirely lgbt+ romance stories of all genres, so there’s some great reads to find in their book market. Check out their post about their sale over here!

Of course, that means that my stories are also on sale over at their market! I’d love if you’d check ‘em out. Some things you can find in my books include:

  • Monsters who deserve (and get) love and protection
  • Fairy tale villains and heroes hooking up
  • Robots out of their era
  • Weird fae cryptid deer people running antique shops
  • Dragons with hoards of video games
  • Demigods struggling with the weight of their ancestry
  • Knitting boys and knightly girls
  • Found families a-plenty
  • A surprisingly large number of cats

And of course, much much more! Please check it out this holiday season. And, as always, you can learn more about my books right over here!

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