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Empty Vessels – Now Available!

I’m delighted to announce that Empty Vessels is now available for purchase! A young man that sees monsters, the ghost that keeps him company, and the weird and haunted world of Others that he finds he needs to help protect. Possessed dolls, faceless ghosts, bone girls and horned boys, and things that go bump in the night.

If you like:

  • ghost boysemptyvessels400
  • young adults developing a better relationship with their psychic powers
  • cryptid-like flirty deer spirits
  • nifty antiques
  • a critical look at the possible supernatural reasons behind bad bus etiquette
  • monster kissing
  • navigable mindscapes
  • spooky dolls?

…this might be a book for you!

Where to purchase:

Less Than Three Press (ebook) ❤ Less Than Three Press (Print) ❤ Amazon(ebook) ❤ Amazon (Print) ❤ Barnes & Noble (ebook) ❤ Bookstrand ❤ Smashwords ❤ Kobo ❤ iTunes

For sites with non-US versions (Amazon, Kobo, iTunes) it should also be available on your local version.

If you enjoy it, it would be wonderful if you could leave a nice rating and/or review on Goodreads! It absolutely does make a huge difference in helping other readers find it.

Thanks for all your support!

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