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★★★★★ – Adore. It’s a favorite & I’ll actively encourage others to read it.
★★★★½ – Greatly enjoyed, but there are others I’m more passionate about.
★★★★ – A solidly enjoyable book that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.
★★★½ – Liked, but it had some flaws or things that didn’t quite work for me.
★★★ – It was OK! I likely had some issues with it or it wasn’t quite my style.
DNF – Under three stars, I typically won’t review, and likely didn’t finish.


We’re happy to consider requests for reviews! However, we’ll only accept if we’re interested in reading the book and it meets our rough guidelines below. On occasion, we may accept a book and then decline to finish or review. In either of these cases, we’ll let the requester know.

For the most part: we only review books we like (with some exceptions). If we start reading a book and don’t end up enjoying it, we’ll either mark it as ‘did not finish’ (DNF), or will note that we decline to review. We accept ARCs or finished copies in Kindle-appropriate electronic formats from publishers & authors, or physical copies from publishers.

Accepted genres:
Fantasy (any subgenre)
Science fiction (slightly less inclined)
Romance or Erotica (some paranormal or speculative aspects strongly preferred)

Must predominantly feature characters that identify as LGBTQIA+ even if the story is not romance-focused, although some romance elements are preferred.

We will not read grimdark books with a great deal of suffering, character death, etc. HEA/HFN is a must. Please also see the preferences below for an idea of whether or not we’d be interested in accepting a book!

Please send your request to with the following:

  • Cover & synopsis of your book (or a link)
  • Release date, and any required deadlines

If you’re not an author and just have something to suggest, just hit us up on Twitter!


Things we particularly like: HEA/HFN endings! We do like both strong ‘story’ plotlines as well as a considerable amount of attention to character relationships/romance. We don’t tend to enjoy 100% “the romance is the plot” or 100% “there is no romance to be found” as much though there are exceptions (we want to have our cake and eat it too, okay). Aveline is very easily won over by: wizards! Meredith loves cryptids & eerie, beautiful things. Fairy tales. Sharp-tongued and dramatic characters that nevertheless find love. Aveline has a fondness for fancy coats! And really satisfying ‘built up’ romance (vs ‘love at first sight’). Make them work for it.

Things we dislike and tend to avoid: Not really here for unhappy stories! Major deaths (particularly of women/queer characters), on-page rape or rape as a characterization element, conflict as a result of poor communication, overt homophobia/transphobia/etc, and a conspicuous lack of female characters are also generally hard sells for me. Also not actually super into space/space travel & aliens, with science fiction tastes usually a little outside of that.