Debating the Dragon

To the Victor
An anthology of knights, lords, and ladies, tournaments and quests
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Story Appearing: Debating the Dragon
Words: 18,000
Genre: Lesbian, Fantasy
Format: Print & Electronic
Sexual content: Some

Summary: Dame Ismay Wexley (May, to her friends) is like any other knight: she wants to win love and glory, and be known far and wide for her great deeds. Too bad she has to work three times as hard as her male peers. It’s with this in mind that she decides to take on a great quest: to rescue a princess trapped in a tower and guarded by a fierce dragon…

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Reviews for Debating the Dragon 

“Wonderful, and perhaps my favorite in the book. The tale of a brave knight (May) and the surprises she encounters while seeking the glory of rescuing a princess. Very nice, mature tale of courtship.”
– Critterbee, Goodreads Reviewer