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Halloween I.F – “That Which Lingers” – Day 41

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Compared to the number of strange things that had happened to Webb in this single wild, feverish night, they expected the salmon faucet to be a little bit of a letdown. And yet, somehow, it didn’t disappoint.

Maybe it wasn’t the faucet itself, exactly, that left Webb feeling content and indulgent as they sank into the newly-filled bath. It could have been Ariadne’s glee, or Lore’s quiet fascination, or Faraday’s wry amusement. The ease with which the four of them seemed to have fallen into some kind of approachable, easy pattern.

But that all seemed much more complicated than it needed to be. Maybe Webb was just enjoying west coast nautical décor in all its splendid simplicity.

They closed their eyes and just let themself drift, enjoying the moment with all its ridiculousness. Through the door, they could hear Ariadne and Faraday chattering, with the occasional barely-audible murmur from Lore. They were watching the cooking channel, which was the only valid thing to watch in a hotel room. Ariadne seemed to be getting a bit heated about it.

Life, for just this brief and trembling moment, was good. Webb tried not to think too much about the night yet to come.

[ Just a teaser tonight since I was writing the 18+ interlude from last section.

Which you can read here (NSFW) ♥

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