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Almost October!

October is just five days away, and with it will be Meredith’s yearly Spooky Serial Interactive Fiction! Past stories are at that link if you want to peruse, but it’s basically a live choose your own adventure game — Meredith writes a part, and you leave a comment suggesting what the protagonist should do. The next day, she’ll write the next section of the story based on your comments, and it will continue like this, reaching its climax by the end of October! (For more info about how she runs this, check out this Twitter thread.)

Keep an eye out for the instructions going up on Sept 30, and check back every day throughout October for new story to engage with. Enter your email in the “Subscribe to Updates” section of the sidebar to be alerted to new story sections as they go up so you don’t miss a thing!

Otherwise looking for spooky stories to set the Halloween mood early?

  • Empty Vessels: A psychic young man knows he has to overcome his anxieties to protect the local monsters from something terrifying lurking in the night. Along the way, he finds romance in unlikely places, between the ghost that keeps him company and the deer-antlered man running the mysterious antique shop. Monster kissing, flirty horned boys, mindscapes, and creepy dolls. (Rainbow Awards 2018-2019 Runner-Up Best Gay Book.)
  • Only Human: When an excitable human nerd gets hit with a necromantic curse, he finds himself getting close to his doctor’s receptionist, a kindly frankensteinian zombie with body issues. It’ll definitely take some communication to make this unusual relationship work. Coffee shop dates, curses, would-be mystery writers, and fans loving fans! Sweet and steamy.

I’m looking forward to playing with you all this year too!

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