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December Story Treats

Hi all! I’ve got some time off next week and I’m ready to get into the holiday spirit <3

So I was thinking of doing some Story Treats!

Here’s how this works:

You comment to this post with 1) the name of one or more of my characters or even just one of my book titles and 2) a prompt, which can be a word, a quote, the link to a song, whatever you like!

I will then write a little piece of fiction, or character vignette, or something similar based on your prompt, probably around 100-500 wordsish!

Examples: “Clara and Sal, Snowball Fight” or “Saul and Theo do a horror-themed puzzle room!” or “Talia and idk something with this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpd9AZ6twC8”

(As well as my published stories, things like my Septimus and Sweet or Uncanny Valley interactive fictions are also fine! For editors and friends and anyone else who might be familiar with my WIPs or things not yet released, you’re welcome to ask for those characters too!)


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