Crafting Love Day 24 -18+ scene

[Continues from the break in Crafting Love day 24]

Jay nodded, pulling Louis in again and kissing him firmly. Louis kissed back, this time tentative at first, then firmer, rougher, heated, almost overwhelmingly needy.  It took Jay’s breath away, leaving him gasping as he tugged back to finish stripping, flushed and a bit embarrassed, going to sit on the bed and holding his hand out for Louis to join him.

Louis took a few steps after him before stopping himself, letting out a soft sigh and finishing undressing as well. He was gorgeous, Jay thought helplessly, mask and all, scars and all, long-limbed and lanky, already hard, visibly breathing unevenly.

“Holy shit, you look good,” Jay said aloud.

Louis laughed at that, shoulders relaxing, and came over, tumbling onto the bed and pushing Jay back lazily as he leaned in to kiss him, clonking the mask lightly into Jay’s nose. Jay found he didn’t particularly care, especially while Louis was on top of him, hot and firm, soft-skinned and all lean muscle, an indulgence to run his hands over.

Which he did, starting at Louis’s sides, moving more carefully as he wrapped his arms around Louis to ghost his hands over his back, cautious that it might be uncomfortable for Louis to be touched there. But Louis didn’t seem to mind at all, letting out a soft sigh and pressing against Jay, a helpless pulse of his hips.

Jay responded with a groan, opening his mouth more into the kiss, lapping into Louis’s mouth as Louis threw a leg around him, grinding awkwardly and with intent. He felt like a teenager, heart pounding, groping and making out and pushing their bodies together like they had no idea what to do with them, and he took control of the situation a little, pressing an arm between them so he could curl fingers around Louis’s cock.

Making a soft sound at that, Louis pressed his chin into Jay’s shoulder, breath rough and wet on his neck as he kissed and sucked on that, definitely marking him. Jay yelped, but wrapped his other arm tighter around Louis as if to reassure him that it wasn’t pain, stroking him, pulling slow and rough at his cock.

Louis lifted his head, nipping at Jay’s ear, a sharp sting of teeth that made Jay’s own hips buck. Louis’s breath was coming rough and wet, ragged and fast, and between that and the unsteady way that Louis was thrusting into his grip, it occurred to Jay that this wouldn’t last at all, that Louis was incredibly overcome by all of this, that he was already on the edge.

Good, Jay decided; if all went well, they could take it slow another time. He picked up the pace, wrist twisting.

Only a few strokes later and Louis let out a cry, hips jerking as he spattered against Jay’s wrists, the sheets. Jay slowed, stroking him through it, muttering incoherent nonsense and kissing the rim of Louis’s ear, bright red against the gold of his hair and the white of his mask.

“Nnghgh,” Louis said incoherently a few moments later.

Jay shifted, incredibly turned on himself but not wanting to pull Louis out of the moment. He ached, and wondered if Louis would want to continue after this, or if he should touch himself, finish himself off while Louis caught his breath—

And Louis pushed himself up on an arm, gazing down at Jay. His eyes were hazy but warm, content, and he licked his lips, then pushed Jay back again, kissing down his throat, biting roughly at a nipple and sending a surge of stinging heat through Jay, moving down…

Jay curled his fingers into Louis’s hair, stomach tensing, as Louis opened his mouth, moving in. “You don’t have to,” he said, rough and strained.

“You don’t want it?”

“Oh, hell, yeah I want it,” Jay wheezed. “I’m just saying you don’t have to.”

“I want to,” Louis said. He reached up, touching one of Jay’s hands until they both loosened, stroking his hair instead of holding him by it.

When Louis wrapped his scarred lips around Jay’s cock, Jay’s thoughts went to fragments, warmth rushing through his body. It wasn’t just the wet heat of Louis’s expert mouth, but more; his tongue was everywhere, it was like there was too much tongue, too many parts, wrapping around him, dragging at him, an impossible heat and impossible pull and he was yelping, feet scrabbling at the blankets, toes curling, as Louis’s head moved, dragging at him, working him until he fractured further, pleasure rushing through and nearly blinding him.

It lasted almost too long, leaving him swearing, pawing at Louis’s hair, somehow not dislodging the mask, until finally fading. He was an exhausted, sated puddle of limbs as he flopped back, holding an arm out for Louis to join him even as his consciousness faded.

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