Meredith Katz & Aveline Reynard are wives and writers of LGBTQ+ sci-fi, fantasy and romance. We specialize in happy endings and the lovely in the monstrous ♥

Sunday November 3, 2019

Recent Updates

Meredith’s 2019 Halloween Interactive Fiction is now complete! Thank you so much to everyone who read and participated—it was a lot of fun. Now that it’s done, you can read through the whole thing here, or ask any questions or give feedback here at the Q&A post!

Two of Meredith’s books, Empty Vessels and The Cybernetic Tea Shop, are now available in paperback (Tea Shop for the very first time!)

As always, if you could retweet us on twitter or otherwise review or give us a boost, everything helps indie authors getting the word out.

♥ Meredith & Aveline


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