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M/M polyamorous paranormal romance. An unwilling psychic investigates a strange horror threatening the local fae population, helped by his ghostly best friend and the deer-antlered man that runs a mysterious antique shop. Click here to read and learn more!

Saturday September 14, 2019

Recent Updates

Another busy couple of weeks! Not too much new so we’re just adding this onto the previous update, but we’ve rereleased another two of Meredith’s backlog:

  • The Cobbler’s Soleless Son (Pandemonium #1) by Meredith Katz: M/NB. A queer and sexy fairytale(?) The cobbler’s son, a young man with no risk assessment ability and a fondness for demons, goes on a quest to seduce a shapeshifting demon prince.
  • Behind Bars (Pandemonium #2) by Meredith Katz: Queer fantasy dystopian M/NB enemies-to-lovers. Bisexual & non-binary. After the loss of his wife, Pel would do anything to protect his son from demons… but now he might have to get involved with one.

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♥ Meredith & Aveline


Saturday August 31, 2019

We’re continuing to re-release Meredith’s backlist after the closure of her publisher, Less Than Three Press. Please check out any of the titles below and follow us on Twitter for ongoing updates!

  • Beauty and Cruelty by Meredith Katz: F/F urban fantasy romance (side M/M and F/M/F). The Evil Fairy joins Sleeping Beauty in her (kind of meta) plan to save their people. Fairy tale endings? In THIS economy?
  • Only Human by Meredith Katz: M/M paranormal romance. Suffering from a necromantic curse, Saul has to confront his preconceived notions about the undead… especially when he develops a crush on a cute zombie receptionist.
  • The Cybernetic Tea Shop by Meredith Katz: A F/F retro-future sci-fi asexual romance. A story about artificial intelligence, love, kindness, and learning to move on.
  • How Saeter Robbed the Underworld by Meredith Katz: A M/M fantasy romance with bisexual protagonists featuring found family, shape-shifting tricksters, and Norse-inspired mythology.
  • Smoke Signals by Meredith Katz: A M/M urban fantasy romance. A CS rep helps a sexy billionaire shapeshifting dragon with his video game hoard. Geeky & cute, featuring kittens, knitting, and learning to navigate boundaries.
  • Empty Vessels by Meredith Katz: A M/M/M polyamorous paranormal romance. An unwilling psychic investigates a strange horror threatening the local fae population, alongside his ghost best friend and a mysterious horned boy

In addition, this week, Meredith wrote up a little tabletop rpg for the Hot Horror game jam. It’s called Getting Head: A Dullahan Seduction TTRPG for 2-4 Players. (It, and things like it, will live on our Extras page.)

Now that we’re all settled into the new place, we’re going to be jumping in both feet to get everything else up, and hopefully we’ll have big news for September. The links will go up first at our Books page, so remember to check back there. And if you use Twitter, it’d be a big help if you could share this thread to help get out the news of releases as they happen!

♥ Meredith & Aveline

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