aveline’s to-read list

This is a rough (but not exhaustive) list of books that have been recommended to me and I’m planning to get around to reading. They should more-or-less follow my guidelines (speculative fiction with LGBTQIA+ characters). For books I have read already, see my reviews. Please feel free to hit me up on Twitter to suggest a book I might be interested in if you notice a favorite of yours that seems to be missing ♥

You’re free to also use this list to find your next great read as well, of course, but do keep in mind that I can’t vouch for or not-vouch-for anything here (or its inclusion on the list).

Alexis Hall – Looking For Group
Amanda Downum – Necromancer Chronicles #1
Amanda Downum – Necromancer Chronicles #2
Amanda Downum – Necromancer Chronicles #3
Amelia Atwater-Rhodes – Mancer Series (3 books)
Andrew Rowe – Sufficiently Advanced Magic
Anna Butler – Taking Shield (4 books)
Antonia Aquilante – The Sorcerer’s Guardian
Archer Kay Leah – A Question of Counsel
Astrid Amara – Archer’s Heart Series (3 books)
B.R. Sanders – Ariah
Benjanun Sriduangkaew – Winterglass
C.B. Lee – Not Your Sidekick
C.B. Lee – Not Your Villain
Carole Cummings – Aisling Series (3 books)
Daria Defore – Sparkwood
Diane Duane – Tale of the Five (4 books)
Elliot Cooper – Junk Mage
Fiona Patton – Branion Series (4 books)
Foz Meadows – Manifold Worlds #1
Foz Meadows – Manifold Worlds #2
Indra Das – The Devourers
J.Y. Yang – Tensorate Series #1
J.Y. Yang – Tensorate Series #2
Jacqueline Carey – Santa Olivia (2 books)
Jesse Hajicek – The God Eaters
K.J. Charles – A Charm of Magpies #1
K.J. Charles – A Charm of Magpies #2
K.J. Charles – A Charm of Magpies #3
Kim Fielding – Ennek Trilogy (3 books)
Kirsty Logan – The Gracekeepers
Langley Hyde – Highfell Grimoires
Lara Elena Donnelly – Amberlough
Laurie J. Marks – Elemental Logic (3 books)
Mark Anthony – The Last Rune Series (5 books)
Maureen F. McHugh – China Mountain Zhang
Megan Derr – Tournament of Losers
Melissa Scott, Amy Griswold – Death by Silver
Na’amen Gobert Tilahun – The Root
Naomi Kritzer – Eliana’s Song
Nathan Burgoine – Triad Blood (2 books)
Nicola Griffith – Ammonite
Nicole Field – The Shock of Survival
Pearl North – Libyrinth Series (3 books)
Perry Moore – Hero
Rachel Hartman – Serephina Trilogy (3 books)
Rachel White – Seventh
Rainbow Rowell – Carry On
Roan Parrish – The Remaking of Corbin Wale
Samuel R. Delaney – Dhalgren
Sarah Diemer – The Dark Wife
Sarah Diemer – Twixt
Sarah Rees Brennan – Demon’s Lexicon (3 Books)
Sarah Rees Brennan – In Other Lands
Scott Tracey – Witch Eyes Series (3 books)
Seth Dickinson – The Traitor Baru Cormorant
T.D. Cloud – Brontide
Tenea D. Johnson – Smoketown
Zoraida Córdova – Labyrinth Lost