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Halloween I.F Update ♥

Hey everyone! Just a quick lil update from me! I’ve been having some stuff popping up with work and health that’s been making it a little hard to always get parts out sometimes as regularly as I’d like, so I wanted to give heads up on what to expect as we head into the next stretch!

  • I, personally, am loving this and having a grand time, and will 100% be finishing it off, and I hope you are enjoying it too!
  • There is a high certainty that I might actually go past October 31st and wrap up in early-mid November, just to hit all the beats I want to along the way without super rushing, and also…
  • … so that if I have to take a day off occasionally I’m not losing that time, just pacing it out a bit

Some posts will still go up a little later in the night (though I’m trying to walk those back) just because it turns out I’m actually a bit of a late night writer (who knew?), so please don’t worry about cutoff times in terms of getting your comments in. The earlier the better (e.g. I appreciate having comments in earlier in the day so I can start thinking about your ideas earlier and knowing where the story is going) but if you’re like, oh shit, I forgot, and it’s 7PM, feel free to drop something in anyway.

Your comments and suggestions really help keep me motivated and encouraged, so a big grateful shoutout to y’all for helping me write the longest thing I’ve ever written and the thing I’ve been enjoying most.

Thanks for reading! Have a cute picrew of Webb as thanks xoxo

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