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    Halloween Reads

    It’s three weeks to Halloween! Got your costumes ready? Parties planned? Spooky Halloween reading all lined up?

    Well, I can maybe help with the last one (and also the first two, if you wanna bounce ideas off me!). If you’ve come to my site looking for spooky reads, you know that I love a good monster romance. But let me highlight two specific stories for you!

    A young man that sees monsters, the ghost that keeps him company, and the weird and haunted world of Others that he wants to protect. Possessed dolls, faceless ghosts, bone girls and horned boys, and things that go bump in the night.
    Gay/Bisexual/Polyamorous (M/M/M)
    Length: 80,000 words (354 pgs)
    Urban Fantasy/Paranormal


    • ghost boys
    • young adults developing a better relationship with their psychic powers
    • cryptid-like flirty deer spirits
    • nifty antiques
    • bad bus etiquette
    • monster romance
    • navigable mindscapes
    • spooky dolls

    What makes this a good Halloween read? Without being outright horror, it’s got a good number of creepy moments to give you chills, and still has that promised happy ending. It’s got a number of ghosts, ghouls, cryptids, and other Halloweeny spooks (at least two of which get a good romance going, because what good is a monster story without kissing the monster?), and it’s set in the autumn, with all the ambiance of the fallen leaves, chill air, and early night. It’s also my favorite thing that I’ve ever written, if that helps sweeten the pot!

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    Nerdy boy gets a necromantic curse, and meets his specialist’s super hot, super buff, and super dead receptionist.
    Gay/Bisexual (M/M)
    Length: 20,000 words (~60 pgs)
    Urban Fantasy/Paranormal


    • zombies, but like, as part of society
    • coffee dates
    • that anxious feeling when you go on WebMD
    • video games
    • healthy communication habits
    • really he’s more of a Frankenstein
    • …and an amateur murder mystery author
    • people learning to do better by each other

    What makes this a good Halloween read? There’s no horror in this one–it’s a sweet and spicy story rather than a spooky one–but with zombies part of society, there’s plenty of the living dead and the traditional fears around mortality that come with it. This one releases on Oct 16, so you can pre-order now for 15% off and still have it in time to read on Halloween! Originally part of the Less than Dead anthology, this is its first time appearing as a standalone.

    ❤ Pre-Order From ❤
    Less Than Three Press (ebook)

    Read these already? Looking for something else? Check out My Books page to see if anything strikes your fancy. And Happy Halloween!

  • Halloween 2018 IF,  Interactive Fiction

    Halloween I.F – “Crafting Love” – Day 9

    [Please read the instructions before jumping in!]

    Jay considered his options, and quickly decided that he might as well be straightforward here, and just ask everything that was on his mind. After all, Louis had basically told him to.

    “I guess I do have a lot I want to know,” he admitted wryly. “Everyone here seems like they’ve lived here for generations, and here I am wandering into the middle of all these situations I know nothing about.”

    “Oh, you certainly are,” Louis agreed. “More than you probably realize. I’d like to, hm.” He glanced Jay over. “Throw you a bone?”

  • Halloween 2018 IF,  Interactive Fiction

    Halloween I.F – “Crafting Love” – Day 8

    [Please read the instructions before jumping in!]

    “You know what,” Jay said, “I honestly am pretty hungry. If it’s no trouble, I’d love to come in.”

    Mask or not, Louis was clearly being polite, and Jay could do the same. Besides, if he wanted to get to know the neighbors, it’d be better to spend a little time getting to know each one rather than running around, just barely making introductions. Even if the other neighbors went out, he could talk to them later today, or tomorrow—or whenever, really. He was going to be here a while, after all.

    As for inviting the guy over right away… yeah, naw. Not until he got to know him better, at least. He did seem nice—maybe they’d hit it off. And if they did, who knew if, later on, he’d want to invite Louis over anyway.

  • Halloween 2018 IF,  Interactive Fiction

    Halloween I.F – “Crafting Love” – Day 7

    [Please read the instructions before jumping in!]

    Huh, Jay thought blankly. Guess I found the woods guy.

    Under normal circumstances, meeting a man in a mask who had crept around outside his house as night fell would absolutely be cause for panic. But the absurdity of the entire situation—sunlight, flannel, tight jeans and all—made it almost impossible to panic.

    “…Good morning,” he said. He held out a hand. “I’m your new neighbor, Jay Park.”

  • Halloween 2018 IF,  Interactive Fiction

    Halloween I.F – “Crafting Love” – Day 6

    [Please read the instructions before jumping in!]

    Slowly, carefully, Jay folded the strange message and tucked it in the key-holder next to the door. No matter how much it had to be a coincidence with his dream, clearly ‘signs’ were important in some way, or the note wouldn’t have been left for him.

    Maybe it had to do with what Camden had said about town politics; it might be a code word around here. Perhaps the factions were color-coded in some way? Certainly, the local issues had been on his mind last night—that, along with reading the book, had obviously influenced his dreams, both shaping them and giving him reason to recall them more clearly than usual.

    Had Camden mentioned anything about signs? He didn’t think so, but he couldn’t be entirely sure. Or maybe he’d seen something in the bedroom when he was moving Aunt Grace’s stuff around so he could sleep—either a sign, or the word sign might have been among her things. Perhaps it was a simple, harmless issue, an item someone had loaned Aunt Grace and never got back. It was capitalized; maybe it was the title of a movie or a book. Just a normal Have you found the book I loaned her, but more intimidating when taken out of context.