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    Flash Sale!

    Smoke Signals
    $2.99$0.99 (save 67%)
    Urban Fantasy
    M/M (gay/bisexual)

    This weekend (June 6-8), Smoke Signals is on sale at the publisher’s website for $0.99! It’s an upbeat M/M urban fantasy about a literal billionaire dragon who collects video games, and the the customer service rep in charge of his account. Perfectly (and accidentally) timed for the end of the Summer Steam Sale, if you haven’t got enough of the feeling of buying way more video games than you could possibly play… why not check out a dragon who does just that?

    Smoke Signals contains:

    • A fluffy kitty cat
    • Cooking show marathons
    • Knitting
    • Video Games
    • And dragons, obviously!

    It’s currently a full $2 off, so you won’t find it at a better price. Check it out before the weekend’s over!


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    Big sale!

    It’s the 9th anniversary of my publisher, Less Than Three Press! All their books are 29% off right now–and, when added to the usual preorder sale, that adds up to a whopping 40% off! As well, every book you buy from their Book Market in the month of April will give you an entry to win great prizes! Learn more about the LT3 9th anniversary celebrations over here.

    As for my books with them:

    • Do you like shapeshifters, tricksters, spins on Norse mythology, and stubborn boys? Check out my brand new M/M fantasy-mythological novella, How Saeter Robbed the Underworld!  $2.99 – now $2.12
    • Want a cute urban fantasy story? Take a look at Smoke Signals, a M/M novella about an aristocratic dragon who collects video games and the put-upon CSR in charge of his account. $2.99 – now $2.12
    • Enjoy spooky paranormal romances? Try my M/M poly novel Empty Vessels, about a boy and his ghost (and their weird antique-store-owning deer boy) saving monsters from something much worse. $6.99 – now $4.96 (also available in print, at around $5 off!)
    • In the mood for some sweet asexual romance? Check out my F/F sci-fi story about a robot, a mechanic, and a noisy little hummingbird, The Cybernetic Tea Shop! $2.99 – now $2.12
    • How about Sleeping Beauty and the Evil Fairy accidentally getting close while working together to save their world, as in my F/F urban fantasy novel, Beauty and Cruelty? $6.99 – now $4.96 (also available in print, at around $5 off!)
    • More interested in shapeshifting demons and the humans they love? Try my Pandemonium series (1&2 star bi humans with nonbinary demons, and the 3rd is a F/F story with with two human heroines, one cis, the other trans). All between are $1.50-3.50 right now!
    • Or maybe you want some themed stories? I’m in two anthologies – a F/F story in To The Victor, a collection about knights, and a M/M story in Less Than Dead, a collection about zombies!

    And, of course, check out the sale in general over this way – there’s a lot of fantastic books in LT3′s store, and every one you buy earns you the chance to win even more cool things! I hope you find lots of fun things to read <3

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    Smoke Signals Coming Soon, Giveaway, Preorders, Sale!

    Lots going on lately, you guys…

    First of all, there’s only three weeks left before Smoke Signals comes out! In which an arrogant dragon has a CSR come over to install games in his hoard of video games and is really bad at feelings.

    Interested in trying to win a free copy? Sign up with Goodreads, join the Less Than Three Press Goodreads group, then comment here to be entered to win!

    Or, of course, you can always just hedge your bets and preorder. And now’s an especially great time to preorder, because…

    Vday sale copy.png

    Less Than Three Press is having a sale through Valentine’s Day where all ebooks are 20% off when bought through their site! With preorders on extra sale. At that price, Smoke Signals will get you a TWO DOLLAR LIZARD. You can find my works right over here, but make sure to check the sale out in general and pick up some sweet reads to keep you (and your loved one(s)) company on Valentine’s Day!

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    Black Friday Sale – 30% off

    Hey guys! My publisher, Less Than Three Press, is having a Black Friday sale  where all ebooks are 30% off, with preorders an additional 15% off! Dang, that’s a lot of sale??

    I’d love if you checked out some of my books, but if nothing of mine strikes your fancy, please still check out some of the amazing reads from other fantastic LT3 authors! I’ve got to stock up for the holidays myself…

    You can find all my books on the Less Than Three website here — with all the sales together you can get all the books I’ve written for just under $20! (Around $27 if you throw in the anthologies too).

    If you’ve got a tumblr and or twitter and want to help get the word out, I’d love retweets or reblogs. And of course, LT3’s announcement can be found over here!