I’m Aveline Reynard (she/her) ❤ I read & review books, write books & short stories, and am otherwise just happily getting by. I’m married to a beautiful and talented author of queer romance & speculative fiction (Meredith Katz) and live in Vancouver, Canada. PS: If you see Meredith write her book dedications to a different name, it’s still me (just the magic of pseudonyms).

My Writing. I write LGBTQIA+ speculative fiction; I really enjoy romance with strong fantastical elements, and imaginative fantasies with compelling romance. I like to flirt with the edges of the uncanny and unusual and dip my toes into horror, but at the end of the day I write optimism and happy endings.

My first published works will be released in 2019: one short story in an anthology for Circlet, and a short novella as part of an anthology for Less Than Three Press! Click here for more information.

My Reviews. I decided to start reviewing and writing about books because really just simply love stories. And there’s so, so many stories to be told, to be read… how do you possibly choose which ones? So, I want to share with people the stories that I particularly loved to maybe make that decision a little easier.

Connect With Me. I’d love if you followed me on Twitter (or my other Twitter here just for books if you don’t want the rest of it)! If you want to rec something (your own book, someone else’s) I’d be happy to chat. Please check out my review policy to submit something for me to read & review!