Happiness in Numbers

Meredith & Aveline are super stoked to both be featured in a polyamorous short story anthology focused on family, releasing February 5, 2019 (edited by Nicole Field).

If Wishes Were Fishes (Meredith Katz)

Word Count: 20,000
Sexual Content: None.
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal; M/M/M, Gay, Bisexual, Polyamory

Summary: After fighting off evil spirits, unwilling psychic Keith would love to take his time and enjoy dating Lucas, the ghost attached to him, and Hiraeth, the deer-like Other he met not long after being dragged into the world of the paranormal. But when Hiraeth’s son shows up asking for help with a curse, Keith’s got a lot more to deal with than just finding time for a date! Note: Characters also appear in Empty Vessels.

Heart and Parcel (Aveline Reynard)

Word Count: 18,000
Sexual Content: None.
Genre: Fantasy; F/F, M/F, F/NB, Lesbian, Bisexual, Nonbinary, Polyamory

Summary: Lucie is used to hiding the fact she’s a witch, but she wasn’t expecting to find out her girlfriend is also keeping a secret—that she’s the crown princess. Invited to meet Suri’s parents, Lucie instead finds herself helping Suri’s bodyguard-slash-lover in unravelling an attempted political coup that threatens more than meet-the-parents night.

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Print copy pre-orders will be available before the release date of February 5, 2019.